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Rookwood Memorial Gardens is a fresh flower park. More information on our Rules and Regulations is available.

Fresh flowers are available from the florist, Reflections, located near the entrance to Rookwood Necropolis.
You can contact Reflections on (02) 9764 5888. The types of flowers they have available will vary from season to season.

Placing Flowers on Memorials

All florists can arrange for the delivery of flowers to Rookwood Memorial Gardens. Please instruct your florist to ensure that the name of the funeral service is clearly marked so that we can send them to the correct chapel.

Many of our memorials can be complemented by the addition of a permanent vase. For memorials without this feature, we provide temporary bouquet holders.

Vases and bouquet holders containing wilted flowers will be emptied periodically. Fresh flowers in vases not mounted on a raised marker or on a monument will be removed prior to regular mowing activities. 

To find out more about Rookwood Memorial Gardens and Crematorium and the services we offer, please call us on (02) 9746 8945 or e-mail us below:

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