Well known memorials


Rookwood Memorial Gardens has memorialised some very well known identities on our grounds.

They include:

  • Dr John Mildred Creed MLA:  Founder and President of The Cremation Society, later becoming NSW Cremation Company which established Rookwood, Northern Suburbs, Canobolas and Castlebrook Crematoria.
  • Annie Elizabeth Silcocks:  The first person cremated at Rookwood Memorial Gardens at 3.pm on 28th May 1925.
  • Emily and George Bradman: Parents of the Late Sir Donald Bradman

Rookwood Memorial Gardens is a part of the Rookwood Necropolis where other people of interest have their memorials. This includes:


Anglican Section

  • Mei Quong Tart: A popular 19th-century philanthropist whose work included the "Elite Hall" in the QVB
  • Jacob Pitman: The brother of Sir Isaac Pitman, he introduced phonetic shorthand to Australia
  • Watson’s Vault: A Gothic Revival Architectural vault, designed by William Wardell who also designed St. Mary's Cathedral Sydney
  • Anthony Hordern II: He was the founder of the famous Sydney retail business
  • David Scott Mitchell: He was the founder and benefactor of the Mitchell Library in Sydney
  • Isaac Nichols: A convict who became the first Postmaster
  • William Ramsbottom: He was the 1st Superintendent of the Historic Salmon ponds in Tasmania from 1864 – 1868, and
  • Louisa Lawson: A pioneer of women's suffrage in Australia and Henry Lawson's mother.

 Old General Section

  • Bee Miles: A notorious public personality from the 1950s and 1960s.


Independent Section

  • David Jones: He was the founder of the famous Sydney department stores
  • John Fairfax: He was the founder of The Sydney Morning Herald
  • Peter Dodds McCormick: He wrote Advance Australia Fair, and
  • Andrew Torning: He was the founder of the N.S.W. Fire Brigade.


Jewish Section

  • Harry Van Der Sluys (or Sluice): An actor and comedian: stage names include Roy Rene and Mo McCackie.


Catholic Section

  • The Hon. John T. Lang: 23rd Premier of New South Wales, and  
  • The Hon. Joe Cahill: 29th Premier of New South Wales.


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