Memorial Options


A memorial offers the reassurance that what began in the past will continue into the future. Losing a loved one has a great emotional impact on us. When dealing with loss, many and varied issues can arise. One of the most fundamental is how to keep the memory alive beyond the funeral service.

A memorial is a place that can be visited as often as one feels the need. They are a reminder of times shared together. Families, friends and colleagues want to be able to visit when they need to. A memorial is a very powerful place of reflection, bringing comfort to individuals at times when the challenges in life become overwhelming. They are an everlasting place of remembrance in tribute to the life of a loved one and provide a very important genealogical record for future generations.

There is a large range of memorial options to select from here at Rookwood Memorial Gardens and Crematorium. Our Family Service Advisors are available to help you with any questions you may have, please call us or email us via the contact form for more information.

Granite circle memorial at Rookwood Memorial Gardens
Remembrance Garden at Rookwood Memorial Gardens

As Rookwood Memorial Garden and Crematorium was designed and intended for cremated remains only, we unfortunately do not provide burial memorials. Rookwood Memorial Gardens and Crematorium has sister parks around the Greater Sydney region that are able to offer burial memorials.

These parks are: