Careers at Rookwood Memorial Gardens & Crematorium


To express your interest in working at Rookwood Memorial Gardens and Crematorium please view the available Roles at InvoCare.

Rookwood Memorial Gardens and Crematorium is a proud member of InvoCare, an international company operating funeral homes, cemeteries and crematoria. InvoCare believes in people who are passionate about helping others at a pivotal time in their lives.

Rookwood Memorial Gardens is staffed by a team of caring and experienced Family Service Advisers, Grounds and Front Of House staff. For more information on becoming a part of the team at InvoCare, please visit: Careers at InvoCare

At Rookwood Memorial Gardens we are proud of our staff and the level of care they provide to families and visitors. More information about our staff can be read below.

Family Service Advisor

Our Family Service Advisers are a dedicated team who attend to the needs of the families we serve. Rookwood Memorial Gardens caters for the needs of all the families and communities of Sydney, and we will assist families with information, guidance and practical advice regarding all aspects of memorialisation.

Our Family Service Advisers are supported by our Concierge, who is located at the main administration office. Our Concierge is responsible for assisting families and funeral directors at their services and assisting all visitors to our garden.

Grounds Staff

Rookwood Memorial Gardens is professionally maintained by our team of dedicated grounds staff. They are highly skilled individuals with qualifications in horticulture, landscaping and design.

Their care goes not only to the renewal and maintenance of our award-winning gardens but also to the creation of the memorials that families choose.

When a family chooses to memorialise a loved one at Rookwood Memorial Gardens, ongoing maintenance of the finished memorial is provided and is another reason why many families choose us as the final resting place for their loved one. Members of our grounds staff can be seen in and around the gardens on a continual basis performing a variety of tasks.